1st wEeK dOwN

I made it through my first week of tRaiNinG, which is more like being back in school. So much to learn and a wonderful test each week to make sure it all sinks in and they don't have to already fire us. I have to say that I absolutely love it! We are in class all week and then on Friday we actually sit in at the dIsPatCh cEnteR and get some otj training. Lucky for me, for the first 6 weeks I get Sat and Sun off so that I can get out of town with little rIchArD. We drove up to Pinto this weekend to meet up with the boys for some hunting. I didn't take any pics (I know, totally unlike me) but I was the only girl and I didn't want to annoy the boys. ;) So back into it all again today for wEek 2, I think we're heading to Cali this weekend. So excited to see Renz and Nick.

hAd To gEt iT aLL iN

SaTuRdaY (my camera was not working, these pics are the best I got)FrIdaY

I had to have a fun relaxing weekend for 2 reasons: 1st-I am finally done with US Bank. No need for details on that. 2nd-I start my exciting new job as an Emergency Dispatcher for St George City/PD tomorrow and I will have some very strange hours. FrIdaY we went over to a neighbors birthday party and Rick, Kendra and I were a little out of control. Good times! sAtuRdAy we went to the rodeo, of course. I can't believe how terrible the pictures all were. It was pretty windy and off and on rainy, but still super fun. sUndAy we relaxed by the pool with Kendra and Fuzz.


The "I hAte US bAnk fREeDoM rAlly" started last night, and boy did we kick it off right. Just when you think the night can't get any better.........we break out jEnGa! I have never laughed so hard in my life. Lori and Deric came over to shake it up a bit (not bad for a Thursday night) and we ended up having a couple of really intense rounds of jenga. Awesome! We're probably dorks, but man do we know how to have a good time.

sNobKai Mtn.

This is a picture of sNobKai MouNtAiN taken from my house. Rick and I thought we would do a little hike today. It doesn't look that intimidating, but it really almost killed me. A little over 1/2 a mile climbing straight up! It didn't help that it was 100 degrees either. We are going to be hiking down to Havasupai next weekend and we have to carry all our gear down in 10 miles. I may not make it back.

cEdaR MtN.

We spent the weekend up cEdaR MtN. camping. The boys were of course looking for deer, but we wanted to be close enough to drive back and forth from pArOwaN so we could go to the IrOn cOuNty FaIr on Saturday and the pAraDe on Monday. It was just Rick and me and Rick's cousin Colby. Colby's wife Jade came up with their girls the first night, but stayed down in town the rest of the weekend. The boys found a few bucks, but nothing they wanted to shoot at. The pictures aren't the best because I was just taking them with my phone. I also noticed that I am eating food in pictures on a regular basis..... what can I say, I am a "fat kid".