L'l VisiT fRoM SteVe aNd mO

Mary and Tom got hitched this weekend (hooray) so Mo and StEvE got to come from Chicago for a little visist! I had to work the whole time....... of course, but I did get to see everyone Sunday night for a little BBQ.

ReD cLifFs

I actually had a Saturday off to hang out with Rick. Its so hard to not have the same days off ever. We went back out to ReD cLifFs and had a fun little time.

hApPy 1st MothEr'S dAy/hApPy biRtHdaY RicK

Rick's birthday was on MotHeR's dAy this year and we went to rEd cLifFs with his family for a little picnic. It was really nice weather and it is the perfect hike. Rick got some birthday goods and he even shared the spot light to give me my 1st MothEr'S dAy.

GuESs WhAT ThEY All SaY ABoUt YoU?

My darling husband turned 31 on Sunday! Here is a little list that I have put together of some funny things that his friends and family had to say about him......

I remember playing truth or dare in the hot tub with him and he also took me on a couple dates when I was little. -Alyssa Prisbrey

I fell out of his Toyota while we were shooting ducks in Pine Valley. One other time he lit a grass fire and I had to kick it out with my shoes. -Micah Fey

Well you have got to love his girlie laugh! The way he will bet on ANYTHING!! How he will dare and pay someone to do something so disgusting then turn around and do it himself. But most of all the fact that he is truly a good friend! One of those friends who would give the shirt off his back to help you out. Im grateful for him! -Graham Hancock

When I put him on my back and threw him in the hot tub. -Brandon Twitchell

His laugh is hilarious and contageous. he is an amazing person. He is very clumsy like when he ripped open his toe on the slip at the boat dock in Tahoe. -Corey Trimmer

Tall, dark, handsom, fun, precious, entertaining! -Grandma Benson

My boys say he's crazy and insane. -Krista Prisbrey

I love how the simplest things make Rick happy like catching flies in the garage in cups, or finding marbles hidden in the rug. He is always someone that has my back no matter what, with Christmas almost every year to just being a good friend to talk to as well as letting me live with him at his grandma's house. You can always count on him to do a drop of the hat trip somewhere and they will always be fun. I also cant think of anyone else who would go in half to bye a mini donkey. -Cody McCann

Rick and I have similar taste in commedy, makes me think of "foolish sucka" "revenge mission" from Eagle vs Shark. Or "fist pump" from Mega Mind. -Renz Benton

We were hunting in Grass Valley in his old Nissan and flew off through the sage brush as he was taking his coat off (while driving). Or float tubing in Salem pond and all we caught was a seagull. -Colby Adams

He is very capable and hard working, smart, tall and handsom. It was funny in Hawaii he was feeding the fish and the birds and then we saw a sign that said "do not feed the animals"

-Evelyn Waldron

Sheep wrangling Fear Factor, peeing his pants when dad spanked him for shooting an arrow into the roof of the building, making him give himself whorlies when we were kids, and eating grubs out of the wood pile. First we made him then he decided he liked it. I also caught him playing "ill show you mine" under the trampoline with the neighbor girl. -Jeremy Trimmer

He is the only person I know that giggles and screams like a girl while giving blood (and I mean blood) sweat and tears to win the fusball championship. -Deric Kinsey

His laugh is hilarious. -Spin

I think tall, accident prone, and full of life. He enjoys the small things in life like a camp fire. He's always entertaining. I think of a great friend that I am blessed enough to call my brother.

-Kym Clark

Me, Corey, Rick and Jeremy were young heathens and were out hunting or camping with our families and Jeremy and Rick were blowing everything up with their BB guns and sling shots. It was like war on the lizards. -Jace Trimmer

When he had to wear the braces on his legs and it never stopped him from doing anything, he even played soccer. Once he was shooting an arrow and he couldn't pull it back with his arms so he used his braces to do it. -Kendall Prisbrey

He was a teenager and I chased him out of the house and he ran up the back hill and I yelled "run you son of a bitch you have to come home sometime"

When he was born and I was still so out of it and sore and Grandma June asked "What are you going to name him" and I said "Pain in the ass"

When he was born the Dr said "Babies born in the aftermath of tragedy are the most special"

-Jan Prisbrey

I have way too many, but they all started the very first time we met. I opened the door to a stranger and thought "this is the man im going to marry" and I did. I love you a 4 babe.

-Gina Trimmer

HaPpY bIrThdAy, rIcK!


We decided to go for a little hike today. There is a hill near our house that is about a mile (practically straight up). Luckily there was a little bit of a trail stomped down already that let us go zig zag so that I didn't have a heart attack. I had no idea what a difference an extra 20 lbs makes! Yep, in case ya missed that.... im up 20 lbs. It was a really nice day and the hike was perfect. Stella found a gutter with some water in it by the truck and laid right down. She was beat.