TurKeY BbQ

We had everyone come over to have a taste of the turkey that Rick got. It was delicious! Rick and Micah cut it into filets and we fried it with strips of bacon (to get rid of the "game" taste). It turned out really well. Everyone brought so many yummy things to go with it. Just so you know too, im holding little Adree from my earlier post "Bad Weather and a Baby" that Jade almost had on the mountain. Its a little fuzzy, Rick took the picture.

RiCk's FiRst tUrKey

Rick and I stayed over in New Harmony at his parent's house this weekend. Rick was helping his dad plant the fields all weekend and I came up on Sunday so that I could do his FirSt tUrKey HuNt with him.

NeW sKiRt

How cute is this skirt?!? My mom and dad were in town this week so I had my mom make me a pencil skirt. You can't really tell, but the cutest part is the lace that hangs out at the bottom. I don't just post my clothes, but I think it is so awesome that my mom can do this. Any of the girls that I grew up with know that my mom used to make all of our prom dresses and all my sister's wedding dresses. She is so talented! I need to learn. I would be out of control designing all of my own clothes. Thanks mom!

WhiTnEy PocKeTs


Thank goodness the weather finally let up enough that we could go play. We were so sad that our Moab trip got cancelled last weekend so we have been looking forward to this weekend. We hooked on the trailer and some fourwheelers and headed out to WhiTneY PocKetS in Nevada. It was such a cool little spot. Saturday was rainy, but not bad enough to stop us! We rode on a few trails. One took us to a place called "Devils Throat" that is this huge sink hole. Like the earth just sunk! It is like 100' wide and 100' deep. Random! Then the rest of the day we were on trails that took us into the washes that lead out to Lake Mead. (Smart place to be while its raining!) We got to the Overton marina (or what it was once) and we drove around, basically on what used to be the lake floor. It really was kind of creepy. Sunday was gorgeous weather and we drove out to the old mining area called GoLd bUtTe where they used to have a little mining town. All that is left now are some old shafts that we got to see and go in (probably not the best idea either). We had a blast! Its so cool that we have so many awesome places this close by! Here are some pics.

bAd WeaTheR... aNd a bAbY

The storm that came through Utah this weekend sucked! We were suppose to head to Moab for the Jeep Safari, but the weather predicted snow. Boo! In an attempt to still take advantage of the weekend we drove up to Pine Valley to stay in Dave's cabin. Well by the time the boys had the trailer loaded with their toys, it was 9:00 and by the time we pulled into the cabin (snow and all) it was close to 10:00. Ashlyn didn't even make it to the cabin, she was out. So as you can see in the picture, Jade is plenty pregnant (due date, Easter) so I was teasing her about getting snowed in the whole drive up. I spoke too soon because around 1:45am when we were all getting ready to turn in........her water broke!!! Back down the mountain we came. Baby Adree was born this morning around 8:00.