sAn diEgO - nIcK's biRtHdAy


We got back from SaN diEgO last night. We had so much fun! It was Nick's 30th birthday and they rented a party bus that picked us up in San Diego and drove us to tEmeCuLa to check out some vineyards. A good time was had by all..... of course. Rick and I got to go over to Sea World and hang out. We LOVE Sea World! Went out to the beach for a bit and then our new friends Jami and Eric invited us over for dinner. Eric made shark tacos! It was so delicious. Thx guys!!! Im so glad we got to get down there.

sAn DieGo hEre wE cOme

I cannot sit still! I am absolutely just too excited to get out of town. Rick and I are headed to San Diego to go celebrate Nick's 30th with him. You would not believe the drama of trying to get ready to leave town. I swear there is always something working against me. Took my car in yesterday to have all the tires rotated and balanced and whatev to get it ready for the drive, and of course.... huge nail in my back tire. (how it wasn't losing air is beyond me) No one in town has that custom size in stock and shipments come in on Monday. Vegas had one for $200, but still closed before we could get there. So as all hope was nearly lost I made one last call....... this random little tire shop had one!! Literally 1!!! He even gave it to me for $120. Super excited it got taken care of. SaN diEgO hEre wE coMe

gReEn tHuMb

These are my new additions. All these cute little red plants. They look so much better when they grow a bit, but whatever. This is about as grEeN as my tHuMb gets.

MtN mEadOw

Went out on a little ride Saturday with Rick's Grandma, Grandpa and cousins. Colby and Jade camped over by MtN mEadOw so we went up and met them to ride around on some trails. It was absolutely perfect weather! Not too hot with a little breeze.... perfect! Rick's mom had to drive our truck so we had to do a little improvising and loaded the 4 wheeler onto our work truck. I think it just made Rick excited to haul everyone's toys up to Moab on it for mEmoRiAl weekend. He is too funny. And of course, without fail Rick found us a little friend on the trail. Yuck!

RicK's biRtHdaY - LaKe pOweLL

We had a super fun time this weekend in LaKe pOweLL for li'l RicHarDs big birthday. It was perfect weather! The water was still a little too cold for swimming, but no biggie. We just went out on the boat or played on the beach. We climbed sAnD hiLL, which was awesome to do this trip because the sand is usually burning hot. There was also a really neat cave/arch that we saw from the water and we all hiked over to it from our camp. Had a blast! Hope it was a good one, happy birthday babe.

liT'l RicHarDs tUrNing 30 - LakE pOweLL

Here are just a few pics of RiCk boy that I dug up. There were about a million to look through. This boy seriously has me always on the go and I absolutely love him for it. I am never bored, thats for sure. We are getting ready for LaKe pOweLl to go celebrate. Happy birthday, babe. I love all 30 years of ya!