MoRe gUitAr HeRo

This was still that same weekend that Rick went to Salt Lake, but I just got these pics off of Dacia's camera. Wendy and Alisha were in town and came over too. A little more gUitAr hErO at Kendra's. I am really not good at all. I have to hold the guitar funny too. Who noticed?

Pig hUntErS

RiCk, ColBy and dAvE went pIg hUntiNg yesterday! Is this the ugliest thing you have ever seen? It doesn't even look like a pig! It looks just like a rat. Last week they said they saw one that was around 300 lbs., but they missed it. Apparently it charged Colby too. This one is about 150 lbs. Can you imagine double?!?! I said that it looks like the rats off of the movie "Princess Bride". This species of pig is called a Javelina Pig. They migrated up here from South America. My husband is so random.

6 aNd 6 TaG

Thanks MaLeA! This is a picture of me and Rick and Rick's cousin Cory and his girlfriend Brandi. We are in front of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, last year. I think it was Memorial Weekend or something like that.
Now you pick your 6th picture in your 6th folder! Then Tag 6 more! I tag:
KenDra, tAra, LiNdsEy, MelAniE, stAcI, and NatAliE

GiRls NiGhT

Rick was in Salt Lake last weekend, but I had to work so I couldn't go. Sad! So I went over to my BFF Kendra's to get down on a little Guitar Hero. I am so bad at it.