LakE pOweLL

Kicked off the summer with our May trip to LaKe pOweLL. We tend to get there around Rick's birthday every year. It was gorgeous weather and the water really wasn't very cold. Kastle LOVED the boat! Even with that stupid life jacket up in his face, he fell asleep every time we got out onto the water. The fishing wasn't much to talk about but at least we didn't get skunked. Rick caught a few that he just let go.

tHe sUbWay

Rick and I got the invitation to hike the sUbwAy. My brother in law, Kody and a group of his friends were going so we tagged along. It was quite the experience. Rick started about 3 hours before me and did a section called Das Boots that has a few repels and swim spots. All the girls, Rick's dad and nephew met up with them at the entrance to the sUbwAy. The water is still so cold that we had to either wear or pack wetsuits and that made for a heavy pack. It looks (and felt) like Kastle was tucked into it. It was gorgeous and like nothing I've ever done. Even though I got my butt kicked, I had a great time.

Ran up to eNteRpriSe rEs this weekend and Rick caught me "a delicious Sea Bass" but really, rAiNbowTrOut. Rick and his Grandpa couldn't catch them fast enough. Seemed like every time a line went in, a fish came out. We cooked some up right there on the beach and they were tasty. I really think Rick missed his calling as a chef. I might make him quit his job and do that instead