KaStLe aNd hAyeS tEe peEs and tRiBes pOw woW


Kastle got to celebrate his 4th birthday a little early and Hayes held off on his. We had a combined party for these little cuties. We had a Tee Pees and Tribes Pow Wow. Invited some cute kids to come. They got a headress and we gave them their "Indian Name" to become part of our tribe. They went hunting and fishing {took real fish home} We served some "Sticky Maize" "Tee Pees" "Buffalo in a Blanket" and some Meatballs {sorry, no clever name for those}
Kastle got spoiled rotten, like usual. Hayes did too, but he was just as happy to sit and put things in his mouth.
My mom and dad were here for the week and it was so fun to have them. They ended up being a huge help, my mom in the kitchen and my dad around the yard.
So glad we had good weather and a fun little party for these 2 darlings.

aN eLepHanT nAmeD vIcKiE

We got to ride an elEphAnt at the WasHiNgtOn coUntY fAir. Kastle got to feed her a banana first. He was a little nervous when that trunk came right at him. He was so excited to go for a ride. Check that off the bucket list.

hAyEs 1sT bIrtHdaY fUn

This sweet little man had a fun 1st bIrtHdAy. We got to ride the carousel while we were taking his pictures, went to the park to swing {it was way too hot} then we headed over to the condo to cool off in the pool. Hayes is the absolute happiest when he is in water. After a fun swim we headed home for his big birthday cupcake. Even though he stayed very clean, he loved it. 
Hayes is not walking yet, but crawls fast enough to get away from me. He sleeps with mamma and just cut a new tooth, this will make number 7. Will not, for the life of me, take a binki. Loves real people food. Has completely given up on his baby food/rice cereal. He is 24 lbs and wearing 18 month clothes and size 5 shoes {even though his feet are so fat most dont fit} I love to hear him talk and sing to himself when he is trying to fall asleep. He says "mamma" "dadda" "uh oh" and a version of "grandma" that im pretty sure only I can hear.
We love you sweet boy! You are my little fighter.